Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Demon High by Lori Devoti

Publisher:  CreateSpace
Publish Date:  January 6, 2011
ISBN:  978-1456592608
Pages:  312
Cover Design:  Lori Devoti

Lucinda lives with her Nana in a falling down house.  It's the family home and neither one can imagine moving, but one day Lucinda reads a letter from the bank - they owe back taxes and the house is in disrepair and in danger of being condemned.  While Nana disappears to 'talk to people', Lucinda comes up with a plan to save the house.

Lucinda's family are Demonologists - Demon Callers.  Well, some of them are.  Nana's mother was and Lucinda's mother is...was...  Nana refuses to let Lucinda even talk about it.  It's dangerous work and addicting.  Lucinda's mom disappeared years ago while calling demons.

Lucinda knows she can make money off calling demons.  She calls on her ex-friend, Brittany.  Brittany acquires things for college kids, in return she gets to hang out with them.  The girls strike a deal:  Brittany will get paying customers, Lucinda will call up a fairly harmless demon, keep it controlled, dismiss it and then they split the pay.

It seems like a great plan...it always does...but of course there are issues.  So now there are demons roaming the halls at Caldera High and, even worse, Lucinda might be falling in love with one of them.

A pretty good story, although I felt let down by the ending.  I can only assume that there will be a sequel to answer all my questions.  I think that part of my letdown might be because I'm a big fan of Kim Harrison's adult series The Hollows.  That involves demon calling and all the details...this one wasn't quite as good, but then this is YA, not adult. :) Lucinda really starts to come across as fascinating and tough, but never really makes it there.  Brittany is a little more interesting and one of the demons is pretty good.  I hope that there is a second book and that the characters get fleshed out more.

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