Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Red Glove by Holly Black

Publisher: Margeret K. McElderberry (Simon & Schuster)
Publish Date: April 5, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4424-0339-0
Pages: 336

Let's assume, as always, 
that there will be spoilers!

The follow up to WHITE CAT is even better, if that's possible.  Cassel's family is wonderfully horrible.  It's mafia with magic!

Cassel has figured out how to deal with his family.  Maybe.  If they don't 'deal with him' first.  Along the way he finds out which of his friends is a Worker and who's a true friend.  He tries to do the right thing by Lila - he loves her, but can't be with her since his mom worked her to be in love with him.  He has to solve his brothers murder and hold off the feds from getting their hands on the rest of his family...and finding out what kind of Worker he is.

In the second installment we meet some new characters and bring back some old ones.  I thought we'd never see his brother's wife again...but she makes a small but significant showing.  I love Lila/I hate Lila.  I believe that the curse Cassel's mom put on her to fall in love with him wore off and she genuinely cares for him.  But she knows he doesn't believe it and they can't be together anyway.  Tell me what you think after you read it.  

Magical Grifters for the win!  Overall awesome book - the characters come across as real as the situations do...or maybe I just know weird people?  Either way, I need to read more Holly Black, or at least more Cassel!

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  1. These books are AWESOME, aren't they? Holly Black is a genius!

    For my thoughts, I reviewed Red Glove back in May: blackkittenreviews.blogspot.com.