Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lori Devoti, author of Demon High Interview

Lori Devoti, author of DEMON HIGH has joined us today for an interview!  Here's Lori - she has such a great smile!!

Can you tell us a little bit about DEMON HIGH and the main character, Lucinda?

Demon High is the story of Lucinda Dent who lost her mother to her mother's addiction to demon calling.  Now 16 Lucinda discovers the home she shares with her grandmother is at risk of being repossessed and decides to do some demon calling of her own.  She thinks she has everything worked out to keep her safe, but of course, things don't work out quite as she planned.
When and how did you decide to write a YA novel?  I've looked at some of your other work and it's a bit and sexy.

I started reading YA a few years ago and really enjoyed it.  That's what prompted me to write one of my own.  And while Demon High is different from my other books in some ways, it also has a lot in common with those books.  Most of my books have character-driven dark paranormals.

Will there be a sequel to Demon High?

Yes, I'm hoping to write it this fall.
I love that one of the demons has sort of an apathy that he gives off to everyone, how did you decide on that?

You know, I'm not sure!  It was just one of the things that came out as I was writing.

As a writer, are you totally organised with lists and binders or do you toss it all in a corner and dig through when you need something?

For my urban fantasy series (Amazon Ink and Amazon Queen) I did an actual world-building binder.  There was a lot to keep track of for that world.   For my romance based on Norse mythology (Unbound series for Harlequin Nocturne) I was able to actually use existing myth as my reference.  This kept me from having to build something of my own.

You've written a lot of books, which hero/heroine and which villian are your favorites?

Favorite hero is probably Kol from Guardian's Keep (Harlequin Nocturne).  He's a bit of a smart ass.  Favorite heroine...Mel from Amazon Ink or Zery from Amazon Queen.  Both were strong and trying to do the right thing.  Villian...I do love Nellie from Demon High.  She isn't the major villian, but she definitely fills an antagonist role in the book.  Lusse from Unbound (Harlequin Nocturne) is the villian who has received the most fan mail though.
You new book AMAZON QUEEN looks amazing, is it suitable for our YA audience?

If you are asking about sex scenes, neither Amazon Ink or Amazon Queen have any.  I get more fan mail from teens for my romances though...Oh and I have a couple of short stories for sale that have the dark romantic elements sans full blown sex scene.  Those are Lost/Found and When Gargoyles Fly.
Where can your fans meet you next?

I am on Facebook!/LoriDevotiAuthor and Twitter, if not hourly.  I also have a blog at
Thanks again, Lori, for stopping by!  
Here's another look at the cover of Demon High - isn't it great?!


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  1. This book has a great plot. It is also alittle slow in the beginning but once you pass that spot in the book it is smooth sailing. This book is one of those books that keep you turning the pages even when you have other things to do. I did not want to stop reading it. The authors has a way of bringing you into the story and not letting you go until the book is over and leave you wishing for more all at the same time. This book kept me up all night reading. Please finish the next book because I do not know how long I can wait.