Thursday, August 18, 2011

Darwin's Children by Natasha Larry

Publisher - Penumbra Publishing
Publish Date - May 10, 2011
ISBN - 978-1935563518
Pages - 260

I received a copy of DARWIN'S CHILDREN from the author for an honest review.

 I was a little disappointed by the cover, it seemed very...80's to me.  I felt that something more could be done to make it a bit more modern and eye catching to the YA market.  I know that authors get very little say in covers, so I understand that part.

I wanted to like this book.  It has people with super powers!  I adore X-Men and all things super-y.  But I just couldn't like Jaycie, no matter what.  I couldn't like her or her family or her friends.  I just was annoyed by them.  I mean, if you're going to live in a town and be 'normal', do you really think no one is ever going to see you doing all these crazy things?  Oh yeah, your Dad can wipe their memories and replace them with something else.  So, how many times can he do that?  Turns out - quite a few times.

Jaycie also can't control her powers when she's kissing the boy she likes.  She cracks glass and shakes the house and all that good stuff.  Oh yeah, and her tutor/governess lets her boy spend the night when she's only 16.  Like that would be happening!  She said she trusted them not to have sex and they didn't so I guess it's ok, right?.  I'm not really ok with it.  Oh yeah, but they live much longer than regular humans do so I guess it's ok.

Where is Jaycie's mom, you ask?  It would seem that she ran off when she realized what Jaycie was.  Ok, so you just up and dump your kid when you find out she has powers.  Nice parenting.  Why does one parent always have to ditch to make the story better?  Can't both parents be there and still have a story?  I'm not as mad when both parents are killed off.  Honestly.

I think that it's a good idea, but that it could be reworked to be better.  There seemed to be too many things going on at once to make one storyline really good.

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  1. Hmm sounds like a bit of a flop. :O/ And I'm totally with you on the cover being a bit 80's. Yikes.