Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Publisher:  Egmont USA
Publish Date:  December 27, 2011
ISBN:  978-1606841693   
Pages:  336

I received this book from www.netgalley.com in return for an honest review.

Kalie is a regular human girl every other day.  The days in between she's a kickass demon hunter.  Kali's mom is gone and her dad doesn't know what she is...he's really busy at work apparently.  Kali's dad decides to switch her into public school, Kali believes that he's doing it because his bosses daughter switched.

I loved that when Kali changed from human to demon hunter, she would have a mental countdown till she changed again.  So randomly she'd think (for example) twelve hours, eighteen minutes.  I loved it!  I'd be on the edge of my seat hoping she's be able to accomplish what she needed to before she changed again.

It's becoming harder to find a book that isn't either:
a) an amazingly good looking, smart and funny guy that has all the girls chasing him and the one 'plain' girl ignores him...or
b) TWO amazingly good looking, smart and funny, yet very different boys are after the same girl; she loves them both and has to choose

This book is neither of those.  There are three main characters and they're all girls: Kali, Bethany and Skylar.  It was like the PowderPuff Girls meet Buffy and they're ready to do what's necessary. 

We've talked about Kali a little bit already.  No matter what her issues, she just keeps going.  She knows she's doing a good thing by killing the demons and hellhounds and the like, but she just can't accept that she's really a hero.

Bethany is her dad's bosses daughter. She's a cheerleader, popular and snooty. She's also witty and sarcastic.  You want to hate her because of the way she acts in the beginning, but can't help but like her later.

Skylar believes she's psychic.  She has loads of brothers, one of whom is Bethany's boyfriend.  She's confident, brave, cute and peppy.  She introduces herself to Kali something like this: "Slut.  Even says so, right across the font of my locker. The janitors have tried to paint over it, but the locker elves are a persistent bunch, so there it stays."  Right then I knew I'd love her!

The only male character worth mentioning is Zev.  Zev was a bit flat - he's a voice in Kali's head, but he's also a real person she needs to help. He was a useful device to give Kali information she couldn't get anywhere else, but otherwise I could have done without him.

The only downside was that Kali seemed to spend a lot of time explaining/questioning (to herself mostly) who she is, where she came from and what her purpose is.  I just wanted her to hush and get on with it!  I think that Ms. Barnes is an excellent writer and I hope to see more of the girls.  I do so love the cover too!

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