Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Beautiful Miscellaneous by Dominic Smith

The Beautiful Miscellaneous by Dominic Smith
Publisher:  Atria Books
Publish Date:  June 2007
ISBN: 978-0743271233
Pages: 327

This book is an excellent reason why you should look at some of the older books out there.

The story starts out at one point (as most do!), goes backward and then forward.  A lot of authors try this and make it very confusing, but Mr. Smith did it very well and the book is beautifully written.

Nathan's father has always been sure that Nathan is a scientific genius just waiting for that 'spark'.  Nathan is sure he's just average.  there are study sessions, competitions, quizbowls - Nathan is sure his father has never been proud of him.  His father is sure that Nathan just needs that AHA moment.

Then there's an accident and Nathan falls into a coma.  When he wakes his brain is rewired and he now has synesthesia - when he hears a sound or word, it induces the visualization of a certain color.  He can now memorize anything at all.  Ofcourse his father sees great possibilities in this, but it just makes Nathan confused.  He's sent off to an institute to live with other savants - psychics, healers, musical genius'.

It's a wonderful story of sons seeking their fathers approval and fathers expecting to see themselves (or better) in their sons.  The characters are so very real that you may doubt that it's fiction.  But it is.

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