Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boo Hag by David Morgan

Boo Hag by David Morgan
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN:  978-1470007317
Pages:  328

It's generally my policy not to accept self-published books anymore.  However, every policy has an exception and this is one of mine.  The premise of the book sounded exciting and interesting and it didn't fail me.

Main Characters:
     Lenny - regular 16 year old girl. Good grades, bit of a neat freak.

     Anna - Lenny's bff, always willing to back up Lenny, doubly so when it brings her closer to her crush, Brian.

Minor Characters:
     Brian - football star, crushed on by Anna, crushing on Katie

     Katie - cheerleader, obnoxious, self-absorbed

     Paul - nerd, crushing on Lenny

     Mr. Brown - teacher, into the supernatural

I haven't read a story in years that made me want to sit up all night in a well-lit room with a weapon handy, but BOO HAG did it.  The Boo Hag is from the South Carolina Gullah culture.  The Gullah are a group of African-American people who have preserved their language and culture.  Boo Hags gain sustenance from a person's breath and will steal a person's skin to wear, as they have none.  They take the skin off to go 'riding', or stealing sustenance.  Kudo's to Mr. Morgan for bringing such a terrifying creature to light!!

For the story:

Lenny gets up early one morning because she's sure someone has been in her room while she was sleeping.  When she finds gross sticky red stains under her bed, she's even more weirded out.  Her parents have gone out of town and it's up to her to figure it out.  Lenny goes to Anna for support and together they go to Mr. Brown.  He gives them advice on how to handle it and off they go.  But Mr. Brown seems to know more than he's letting on.  Pretty soon the two girls have involved Brian, Katie and Paul.  Some on purpose, some by accident.

The pace is quick, the scare factor is always just around the corner and the writing is great.  There are a few editing issues, but another proofreading will fix those, I'm sure.  I hope to see more of this series, as I need to know what's up with Lenny!

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