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Mystic City (Mystic City #1) by Theo Lawrence

Mystic City (Mystic City #1) by Theo Lawrence
Publisher:  Random House
Publish Date:  October 9, 2012
ISBN: 978-0385741606
Pages:  352

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

MYSTIC CITY takes place in a future Manhattan.  One where the land has flooded and the elite live at the tops of the skyscrapers, held together by the power of Mystics.  Mystics have magical powers, but the city 'drains' them in order to keep the elite held up and taken care of.  There are many many poor and there are two 'ruling' families: the Rose family and the Foster family.  The two families have been at war forever, but suddenly now the children of the two families have gotten engaged - Aria and Thomas.

The biggest problem is that Aria has no memory of loving Thomas, spending time with him, even loving him.  But her parents tell her that the two of them were sneaking around behind their parents backs and then she OD'd on Stic (the mystic powers used as a drug) and lost her memory.

Aria is a nice girl - a little stupid sometimes, but I liked her.  She's really trying to do the right thing and just isn't sure who to trust.  It bothered me that Aria didn't question things more and that things were pretty predictable at times.  The leading man is likable, mysterious, stubborn and good looking.  He seemed a little smarter than Aria...or maybe he was just street-smart?

I was very amused by the tech devices names: TouchMe, AMuseMe (I believe), very sensible names for what the items are.

I liked the way that Manhattan is described - it's a very detailed world building and if you've been to Manhattan, it's easy to envision the whole thing.  That made it fascinating for me.  I could really see it.

I'm not sure what the second book will entail since the ending seemed like an actual ending, but I'm interested to see where it goes!

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