Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wayback Wednesday - Up In Seth's Room

Publisher:  Delacourt Press
Publish Date:  December 15, 1980 (As close as I can find)
ISBN: 9-780-44099-190-8
Currently out of print, but check your library and your moms and aunts!
Pages:  199

UP IN SETH'S ROOM was really an outspoken book at the time.  There weren't that many good YA books dealing with the issues of teens and the pressures of dating and sex.  In this book: Finn is a 15 year old girl in high school (important to note that she is a virgin) and she meets Seth, a 19 year old high school dropout.  She starts hanging out with him and then starts to like him.  Her parents forbid her to see him and her friends are against the relationship.  As we all know, that usually doesn't make you break up any faster!  It's interesting here to note that her parents weren't speaking to her older sister as she was living "in sin" with her boyfriend.

As the story goes on, Seth starts to pressure Finn to have sex and she's not sure she's ready to do that.  The story is mostly about her struggle to stay true to her belief that she should stay a virgin and her desire to do more and 'prove' her love to Seth.

The character of Seth starts out as very sweet, smart and nice and morphs into...a jerk.  There is a point where it is said that "that's how boys are".  I think that was a sign of the times and really, boys weren't held as responsible as girls were for their sexual conduct.  It makes for an interesting read compared to the things we're all reading now.  Give it a shot and tell me what you thought.  As a teenager I really liked it, as an adult I'm appalled by it.

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