Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Demon Whisperer by Tawny Stokes

Warning:  This book is in ebook format only.

I generally don't review books that are not available in only ebook format, but this one is good enough that I think it needs to be advertised a bit more.   I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.

A quick summary:  Caden Butcher's dad is an exorcist.  A couple years ago there was some trouble with an exorcism - his dad ended up severely burned and disfigured and Caden ended up in a coma.  While everyone thought Caden was simply 'sleeping', he was fighting for his life in Hell - fighting demons, learning their tricks and language and trying to figure out how to get back home.  He spent a year in Hell before he got back.  He had to fool around with a demon princess in order to get out, but hey, a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do, right?  Now he's the exorcist to the stars, but he has a secret.  But there's a demon on the loose determined to destroy Caden and expose his secret.

The writing is good and the editing is decent also.  Since the story is dealing with demons and they're nasty creatures, there's quite a bit of swearing and some very graphic scenes.  It's definitely for the older teens and adults.

The characters:
Caden - he's 17 years old, but his ID says he's 19 so he can travel alone without hassle.  He's the sole supporter of his disabled father.  He's got an edge, I mean, who wouldn't after a year in Hell and exorcising demons, right?

Dan - Caden's bff.  He's funny, helpful, annoying and useful in turn.  Sometimes he's not helpful and stubborn.  But I still like him.  He's almost childlike.

Aspen - Caden's girlfriend.  She's a necromancer, just like her mom.  Caden meets her 'on the job'.  She alternates between tough kick-ass girl and giggly silly teenage girl.  She's the only one that bothered me because I felt like she might be possessed and I just couldn't decide if she was or if the author was trying to show that she was human.

The story is defnitely good and I'll be reading more by Ms. Stokes!

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