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Night School (Blood Coven Vampires #5) by Mari Mancusi

Night School (Blood Coven Vampires #5) by Mari Mancusi
Publisher: Berkley
Publish Date:  January 4, 2011
Pages: 256
ISBN: 978-0425240428

This was the first BLOOD COVEN book I picked up.  I didn't realize it was part of a series!  Since Rayne (one of the twins) does a little catch-up at the beginning, I never felt lost.  Great job, Ms. Mancusi!

So basically, there's twins, Rayne and Sunshine, and boy, are they different!  Sunny is all girly, drama and wants to be a normal girl...well, with a vampire boyfriend.  Rayne is goth, dark and wants to be a vampire.  So...Rayne goes through the process to become a vampire and is ready to be bitten.  BUT Magnus (the chief vampire) acccidentally bites Sunny instead. So Sunny and Magnus get it reversed, but fall in love.  Rayne ends up finding out that she's a Slayer, but goes ahead with becoming a vampire anyway.  She has a vampire boyfriend too.

In this book, the twins are floored to find out that their parents are royal ones.  Which means they are...yep, fairy princesses! So Sunny - fairy princess, vampire boyfriend, wants to be normal.  Rayne -fairy princess, vamp/vamp slayer, vampire boyfriend.  Neither are thrilled.  Their parents don't want them to go to Fairyland and hide them in a remote Slayer School.  But they don't know Rayne's a vamp.  Now she's stuck at a Slayer School with no sustenance.

Now Rayne needs to find a way to get blood, Sunny is weirdly making out with every boy she can get her hands on, the fairies are trying to kidnap the girls and there's something weird going on at the Night School.

I think this was a hysterical book!  It's definitely taking a chance, some people wouldn't be amused, but I was.  The characters are crazy and I loved them.  I might even go back and read books 1-4 now.

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