Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eve by Anna Carey

Eve (Eve #1) by Anna Carey
Publisher:  HarperCollins
Publish Date:  Oct. 4, 2011
Pages:  336
ISBN# 978-0062048509

The story begins in 2032 - 16 years after a deadly virus wipes out most of the Earth's population.  No, they aren't zombies, they're just dead.  The girls are now schooled and then they go on to produce babies...and more babies...and more babies.  The boys go to work camps and to build New America's capitol.

The world-building needed some more detail, there just wasn't enough to make it believable.  I think that instead of all the action, maybe more question answering was in order for this first book.  The biggest issue for me was WHY do they need all these babies???  Who takes care of them? Are they trying to repopulate? So there have to be male donors for these babies to be created, right? Who the heck are the donors??  That's a huge amount of babies that will all be related, I mean how many babies can the girls have? Who's going to keep track of who can safely mate with whom?  This is a huge question for me and maybe it will be answered in a later book.

The characters are actually good and I liked most of them.

Eve - I know it's not totally her fault that she's stupid, but for pete's sake! She just does some outright dumb things. I would not choose to hang with her if I were trying to survive.  The only really smart thing she does is escape the first time and that wasn't even her own idea.

Caleb - the love interest.  Of course he's described as hot and smells woodsy and smokey, but whatever.  I'm pretty sure that he'd smell sticky like an unwashed boy after living in the wild.  But he seems to have a pretty good idea of how things are.

Arden - escaped right before Eve. She's suspicious and can somewhat take care of herself.  She's not unwilling to fight and/or run away.

The King - we never find out who he is or how he came into power so quickly.  I need to know this - was he high up in the military? Was he Donald Trump? He can't have been a nobody, who would listen to him? Now, wouldn't it be a wicked twist if it were Eve's dad?! That would totally make up for some of Eve's stupidity.

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