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London Eye (Toxic City #1) by Tim Lebbon

London Eye (Toxic City #1) by Tim Lebbon
Publisher: Pyr
Publish Date:  Oct. 2, 2012
Pages: 280
ISBN# 978-1616146801

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This book is being talked about as Hunger Games meets the X-Men - that's pretty high standards!

So apparently there was a huge disaster in London itself.  So now London has been barricaded and no one is allowed in at all.  It's said that to go in is to just invite death.  In fact, there are guards everywhere to make sure of it.  But some of the people on the outside aren't really sure about it.  My biggest question was this - if London was barricaded and no one was allowed in and people are finding proof that maybe the government is experimenting on people that are still alive inside London...why aren't other countries butting in?  They all butt in on everything else! But anyway...there's this woman, Rosemary, who says she's from inside London and she wants to take them in with her.  Surprisingly, it takes very little to convince them and they go off with her.

The very first thing I like, and if you read my reviews, you'll know it---at the beginning of every chapter is a little news blurb, bits and pieces of whatever was on the news during the disaster.

There were several instances of a character seeing something, so it was described to the reader; then the character describes it in detail to another character.  It annoyed me a bit, I didn't want to read it twice.

The characters weren't very fleshed out, they seemed just kind of there.  So we have:
Jack - he talks about his girlfriend Lucy-Ann, but they act more like siblings than gf/bf.  He and his sister, Emily, lost their parents.

Emily - seems to be taking the whole thing ok. She's mostly too busy with her video camera.

Lucy-Ann - she lost her whole family and seems a bit off

Jenna - didn't lose anyone in her family, she's mostly just along for her friends sakes.

Sparky - lost his brother, but his brother was kind of a loser, so he's the only one really concerned.

The dangers didn't seem as real as I was hoping for.  It's was a little sci-fi, but I generally like that, I'm not sure what was off for me.

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