Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beautiful Darkness - Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Publisher:  Little, Brown & Compan
Publish Date:  October 12, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-316-07705-7
Pages:  503

Book 2 of the Beautiful Creatures series.  There will be SPOILERS!!!!

Joining Ethan Wate and Lena DuChannes (rhymes with rain) on a second journey was a delight!  The pure Southern-ness of this series pulls you in and you expect everyone to sound like Gatlin when you put the book down.  I would find myself thinking things like "Ethan Wate, everything is gonna be just fine, you'll see."

Lena is still beating herself up over Uncle Macon's death and not knowing if she's Light or Dark. She's pulling away from Ethan and is soon traveling a path with her Dark Caster cousin Ridley and a new guy, John Breed.  She believes she's leaving Ethan behind and it's all for the best. 

With the help of his best friend Link, a Keeper-in-Training Liv and the cat Lucille Ball - Ethan sets out to travel the Caster tunnels that go under the cities.  He faces startling revelations about his own family and learns a few things about himself along the way.

It was nice to see more of the relationship between Link and Ethan and how their friendship worked.  Also nice to see Ethan get mad about things and jealous.  He was so easygoing and just plain nice in the first book.  Introducing new possible love interests for both Ethan and Lena was a tricky move, great work ladies!

I cannot wait to read the next one - BEAUTIFUL CHAOS out this year on October 18th.  It sounds amazing!

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  1. I really enjoy Ethan and Lena together and I hope their relationship will stand the test of time - no matter what happens. A lot of questions get answered in this book - even questions you didn't think you had. Everything starts to come together and the events in the past have woven a very intricate web to lead into the present. This book has the right amount of revelations to keep you engaged, but it leaves plenty of mystery as well. If you thought the stakes were high in the first book, this one steps it up that much further. This book will definitely grip you every bit as hard as the first one.