Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dee & Me - Hunger Games Trilogy Chat

So my friend DeAubrey and I have been sharing books and we love to do book talks.  We finally decided to actually type one out (well, the decent parts anyhow!) and post it here.  So this week we'll be discussing The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Quick intro to DeAubrey (Dee) - college student, loves theater and books, seriously fun and funny.  Here he is:

And here we go:

Who was your favorite character?
Dee - It's a toss up between Peeta and Cinna.  Peeta - he's a 'real' person y'know?  He doesn't do things for the benefit of himself, he wants to do those things.  He takes care of Katniss whether she deserves it or not.  Cinna - he's also 'real', he humbles Katniss in a caring way.

Me - I loved Cinna and Haymitch.  They both saw Katniss' flaws and knew how to work around them or use them as strengths.  At first I didn't care for Peeta, he came off as irritating because he was so whipped by his love for Katniss.  But later he came across as the guy that would do anything for her and I liked him much better.

What about Katniss, how did you feel about her?
Dee - She's dynamic and great.  When I'm not reading the books, she kind of annoys me, but she's great in the story.  She takes some getting used to, for sure.

Me - I agree, she annoyed the heck out of me at times.  She was kind of whiny and selfish, but when it came down to the wire, she would stand up for those that couldn't (or wouldn't) stand up for themselves. 

What's your favorite moment (any or all the books)?
Dee - The moment I pictured myself there with her was in MOCKINGJAY when she was in the hospital doing the video.  She said, "Fire is catching, if we burn, you burn with us!"  It was really dynamic!  Then when Prim and Katniss were talking about what the Capitol would do to Peeta and Prim responded "whatever it takes to break you."

Me - The scenes were Katniss found her voice and became the Mockingjay were amazing.  One of my favorite scenes was when we find out how Finnick was used by the Capitol and how he used them.  I never thought that was the direction we were headed in with him, he had a lot more depth than I expected.  It really made you wonder how they would have treated the winner if it had been just Katniss or Peeta.

Did your feelings change about Gale and Peeta at all during the series?
Dee - For the first two books it seemed like Gale was THE MAN and Peeta needed to grow some.  He seemed whipped and whiny.  It seemed that Katniss was trying to make herself want to go back to Gale.

  Me- I agree.  It was like she felt she was committed to Gale and what he stood for.  When in reality, the things they believed  were not even close.  She's more like Peeta.

Do you think that Katniss' behavior showed anything in particular?
Dee - I felt that it proved Katniss was growing, in the first book she took her sisters place and knocked out Peeta (while kissing him) to keep him alive; in the second book she chose Wires and Betee over everyone else; in the third book she went to the District 8 hospital and also shot Coin instead of Snow.

Me - I loved that she knocked Peeta out to save him!  Choosing Wires and Betee - who knew old people knew stuff - ME (and Katniss), that's who!  They had to be able to figure things out or they wouldn't have survived that long.  In book three, I love that she shot Coin, I mean she and Snow did  agree not to lie to each other.

Favorite gadget/item?
Dee - Katniss' bow in Mockinjay..and the showers in the Capitol...the muttations and the mockingjays.

  Me-  Okay, I agree with all of that except the muttations.  I mean, I picture them as the size of Rottweilers but with really human features and eyes.

Dee - Ok, when you put it that way, they kind of freak me out too. *laughs*  I picture them about the size of a Great Dane and not that human.

Me - oh my gosh!  Those would be ENORMOUS!  Now I'm  a little more freaked out!

We both agree that this is one of the best series we've read in a long time.  We read them quickly, but it was like eating a fantastic meal - you eat it quickly because it's so good, then you want more right now!  Real or Not Real?

Dee - Real.

Just to show you what huge fans we both are - we now both have Facebook updates from the movie Hunger Games page and we've been discussing each actor as they've been announced.  Our favorites so far?  Lenny Kravitz as Cinna - how amazing will that be?!  and Woody Harrelson as Haymitch - I can really see him doing this role, I see him as a mix of his characters in Natural Born Killers and  Zombieland.

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  1. Yay! We LOVE Cinna too. Haymitch and Peeta as well.

    You guys make some great points, especially about Katniss's growth throughout the series, and about her thinking she's with Gale and what he stands for, then realizing maybe she was wrong about herself.

    And OMG yes, EPIC moment when she shoots Coin!

    Great discussion!