Thursday, August 30, 2012

Showtime (Marvelle Circus #1) by Chloe Kayne

Showtime (Marvelle Circus #1) by Chloe Kayne
Publish Date:  September 1, 2012
ISBN: 978-1300109
Pages: 345

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

As you know, I am extremely picky about self-published books.  I honestly had to go searching on this one after I read it - I was sure it was from some amazing small press that I hadn't heard of, but nothing shows up.  The editing was fantastic.  Ms. Kayne is going places, she's a fantastic writer!

Set in 1918, tis is the story of Laila, a girl who runs away with the circus. 

Laila's dad is pretty much out of the picture and her mom is a prostitute.  So she's growing up in a brothel.  Not the best place for a pretty teenage girl.  She's sure if she doesn't leave, she'll end up pushed into being a prostitute also and she's not in agreement with that. 

She doesn't plan to run away with the circus, but after accompanying a friend on a drug deal gone sour, she ends up in trouble and the Marvelle Circus owner offers her a job.   She can't believe that they'll take her in, much less feed,clothe, educate and train her!  It's a wonderful opportunity for a girl at that time.  It's easy to see Laila's confidence grow as the story goes on.

Laila has a small group of friends, but none of them are happy with her choice of crush - Dex.  Dex is mysterious and it's rumored he's dangerous, but no one wants to tell her what he's done.  But Laila trusts him.  Dex is in the freak show as the Disappearing Man.

The details about life behind the scenes at the circus were amazing.  I got lost in the wonderful descriptions! From the costumes to the train cars to the big top - you could smell the sawdust and see the lights glitter on the sequins.

I can't wait for the second book!

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