Thursday, February 14, 2013

Alternity by Mari Mancusi

Alternity by Mari Mancusi
Publisher:  NLA Digital Liaison Platform
Publish Date:  October 19, 2012
Pages: 236
ISBN# 978-1620510131

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Skye Brown is a college girl with a nice job, good friends and a hot boyfriend.

Then she starts having dreams about a place called Terra where she's mistaken for a girl named Mariah.  Mariah just might be a traitor, but Skye knows she's NOT Mariah.

At the very beginning I was a little lost, but quickly found my footing and moved on.  I did flip back and forth a couple times until I caught the rhythm of the story.

Skye - she's ok, a little whiny at times, but that's pretty normal for a college girl thrown into a different world, I think.  There wasn't any insta-love, thank goodness!

Dawn - Mariah's boyfriend. He wants to help Skye, but he believes that she might be Mariah.

Dusk - I do hate when the two guys have names like this.  The evil guy.

The story is action-packed and definitely something different.  I like Mari Mancusi, but this book just wasn't what I was expecting.  Not that it's bad, it's not at all.  I was being picky and just wanted a little more info at the start and a different name for the evil guy...

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